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First, the concept of the enterprise must be the concept of the whole staff. Don't just top management or the boss's personal philosophy, to prevent the boss or several people in the team to pinpoint, on the whole staff to promote the operation of the practice. Appropriate measures are: first, to seek the existing and most extensive positive ideas of the enterprise; second, to incorporate the values desired by the executives of the enterprise; third, to solicit the opinions of the employees as widely as possible, to take the road of democracy and to involve the whole staff; fourth, to solicit the opinions of experts. See, condensed and sublimated. The ideas thus acquired have a mass basis, and even if they are not the idea of the whole staff, they have been fully recruited through the above-mentioned process.

Second, we need to carry out publicity and promotion in a big way. Let every employee know, understand and comprehend as much as possible, let the idea penetrate into every employee's heart. Specific forms of activities can be varied, if the media can be better.

Third, print books and discuss learning. A series of concepts derived from these concepts, combined with visual and behavioral recognition of the enterprise, are standardized and printed into a book, which becomes a standard for employees to browse and discuss at any time and anywhere.

Fourth, let the concept better serve the management of enterprises. Focusing on the establishment of the specific operation process, management system and behavior identification of the enterprise, we should do a good job of integration and integration.

We should strengthen training, constantly improve the quality of all staff, and make training work a daily job. Not only the new staff should be trained, but also the old staff should be regularly rotated, especially the leading group should be regularly studied, trained and discussed. At the same time, we must constantly improve the operation process and system, so that each process can reflect the essence of the concept.

To strengthen supervision and technical precautions, leaders should lead the whole staff to continue to innovate, give full play to the leadership's influence, through the behavior of employees can see the spirit of enterprise philosophy support.

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