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Product description
Product parameters:
• Operating Temperature:----0℃-+40℃
• Input voltage range:----12-24V
• Input current:-----2.5A Max
• USB Output :----5V/2.4A ,5V/1.0A
• Type-C Output :---5V/3.0A ,9V/2.0A,12V/2.0A.
• Rated Output Power:---41.0W Max
• Short circuit protection----Yes
• Over current Protection------Yes
• Over Voltage Protection------Yes
• Efficiency:-----------78.0-85.0%Max
• Erp V CEC RoHS
• Ripple and noise:-----100mVp-p Max
• In-rush Current:-------60AMax
• AC leakage Current:------0.25mA Max
• DIELECTRIC STRENGTH Hi-Pot :-3000Vac/5mA/5s.
• Insulation resistance:-----10MΩMin at 500V DC
• SAFETY STANDARD:---EN61000-6-3,EN61000-6-1,EN50498-2010
Product features:
Access port for standard car charger structure, adopting the shrapnel and telescopic contact design,
Fluid of human engineering design, convenient pull plug, multi-port output.
Shape is novel, fine workmanship, easy to carry.
Equipped with double USB port charge, design a D + D - detecting voltage to avoid compatibility problems in the process of charging the mobile phone.
Using solid-state capacitors, stable filter, reduce the ripple, provide more stable current, reduce fever, improve the conversion efficiency, more energy efficient.
Output over current protection, short circuit protection, fault removal from the recovery, and other functions.
Suitable for smart phones on the market, tablets and other mobile devices.
Directions for use:
1. When you are not using the product, please unplug the product.Because, for a long time electricity will make the car charger has been in a working state, can affect the service life of the final.
2. Please work in 12 to 24 VDC voltage requirements under the conditions of use, support for different models, suitable for all kinds of models with cigarette lighter interface.

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