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Product details

Product name


FJ-SW128Productparameters:inputvoltagerangeAC100-240v.inputcurrent:0.46Ainputvoltagefrequency:47-63hz.Theoutputvoltagerange: 5V-24VTheoutputcurrentrange:0.5A-3AaTheratedpoweroutput:24wno-loadstandbypo
FJ-SW128 活动脚
Product description



Product parameters:

input voltage range AC100-240 v.
input current: 0.46A

input voltage frequency: 47-63 hz.
The output voltage range: 5V-24V

The output current range:0.5A-3Aa
The rated power output:24 w
no-load standby power consumption: 0.1 W 
The output ripple & noise 100 MVP - p.
work efficiency: 70.0 to 78.0%.
Surge: 1-4 kv
working temperature: 0 to + 50 .

Storage temperature: - 20 ~ + 85 .
humidity: 10% 95% RH
Products 100% full load aging.


The product description
1. The international general  range of ac input
2. The protection function: short circuit/load/over voltage, over temperature protection
3. The no-load power consumption 0.1 W or less
4. In line with the CEC of energy efficiency, DOE, MEPS v level of energy efficiency and ErP first phase
5. The CLASS power
6. Through UL, CSA, CE, CCC, CB, GS, C - tick, PSE, SAA, KC, S - mark, the FCC, WEEE and RoHS PAHs REACH
7. High efficiency, long life, high reliability
8. The warranty of quality for two years
9. MTBF: load around 80% and the temperature is 25 > 25000 hours

Product features
1. Fluid of human engineering design, small volume, light weight, streamlined.
2. The shape is popular, fine workmanship, easy to carry.
3. Input stationary pin or convertible pins, wire or USB output connection mode with two ways.
4. Using solid-state capacitors, stable filter, reduce the ripple, provide more stable current, reduce fever, improve the conversion efficiency, more energy efficient.
5. The output over-current protection, short circuit protection, over temperature protection, fault removal from recovery, and other functions.
6. Suitable for smart phones on the market, tablet PC, MP3/4 ipod digital camera stereo bluetooth phone cable hub global positioning system (GPS) and other electronic products.


Directions for use:.
1. Avoid to use in outdoors or harsh environment, prevent adapter to under the blazing sun for long time or be affected with damp.
2. When you do not use the adapter, please pull out the plug of power supply.Because, for a long time electricity adapter has been in a working state, can affect the service life of the final.
3. Although the adapter are wide working voltage, indicated from 100 v to 264v, but if it is using under the unstable condition, also can cause damage to the power adapter.

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