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Job Responsibilities:

1.Office clerks Word.Excel. Must be very skilled. Having clerical work experiences!

2.Timely and accurate answer / transfer calls, if necessary, record a message and promptly conveyed;

3.Reception of visitors and the timely and accurate notification interviewed personnel;

4.Send and receive corporate e-mail, newspapers, faxes, and items, and make the registration and management as well as transmitting the work;

5.The reception area is responsible for the maintenance of the environment, ensure safe and normal operation (including copiers, air conditioners, and punch card machines, etc.);

6.Assist employees photocopying, fax, etc.;

7.Complete other work assigned by supervisors.



1.Female, good image, good temperament, age 18 & mdash; 24 years old;

2.Tertiary and higher education, one year relevant work experience, secretarial, administrative and other related professional priorities;

3.Strong sense of service, skilled use of office software;

4.Have good coordination skills, communication skills, responsibility heart, lively and cheerful, with affinity;

5.Fluent in Mandarin and accurate;

6.Have some knowledge of business etiquette.


Working time: 5 days 8 hours

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